How To Wear A Scarf

Alrighty, this one is for all of you who, like me, just can’t get enough of scarves! OMG, they are by far my favorite fashion accessory, and they can make any outfit FAB- whether you’re a guy or a girl. Now, I’m a huge fan of the infinity scarf, but I think that making a good impression is done best when you mix it up a little bit. Here is a guide I found by Real Men Real Style that has a lot of really cool ways to tie a scarf. Try one out and see what you think!



Wear White After Labor Day?

“… Malum ensae is an action that is evil in itself; assault, murder, white shoes after labor day.” – Elle Woods

Not wearing white after Labor Day has been a cardinal rule of fashion for a long time. It’s basically one of the ten commandments that god gave to Moses a billion years ago. It’s just something you don’t do- are you going to question the rules given to us by the gods of fashion? I love white just as much as the next person, but there are certain lines I won’t cross; like, wearing white out of season.


I know what you all must be thinking, “But, I really love white- it’s clean and chic!” Fear not, there are some easy ways avoid this fashion faux pa. Instead of using white, use colors like ivory, cream, beige or light gold. These colors add a little warmth and life to our outfit- which is needed in the dead of winter. These colors are even known to give more color to your complexion- which can be nice if you, like me, get a little pasty in the colder months. Owning these colors is also great for your closet because, depending on the shade, they can be used during the entire year (which saves you
money in the long run).

This whole thing started in old people times, before air conditioning was invented, when people wore white during the summer because it reflected the heat of the sun. In the winter months they would wear dark colors because it would attract the sun’s heat. This continued on and was eventually used as a fashion rule by women in high classes of society so as to differentiate between women who had money and those who didn’t. It didn’t take too long before everyone started realizing what was going on and began following the actions of the socialites long ago.

In the year 1894, Labor Day became a federal holiday and society soon accepted that as the end of the summer season. So fashion companies started releasing their white clothing on Memorial Day and putting it away on Labor Day.


Now, you might be wondering if this fashion rule still applies today when you see so many celebrities wearing all white dresses, pant suits, coats, purses or beautiful Jimmy-Choo shoes. Why do you need to adhere to the trend when people in the public spotlight disregard it all the time?

Celebrities and socialites get to do what they want because they are, well… celebrities and socialites. The one who has neglected this rule most famously is probably Coco Chanel. Do you consider yourself on the same level as the great Mademoiselle Chanel? No? Then you should probably stick with the rules.

*Disclaimer 1: White wine is never out of season.

**Disclaimer 2: A few appropriate exceptions to this rule include a tropical vacation, college spring break (if needed, tan before you wear it), if you’re attending a themed party, or if you go to a institution that credit’s it as one of its colors.