What the Colors You Wear Say About You

Devil Wears PradaBeing the fashionista of my friend group automatically qualifies me as the one everyone asks “what should I wear?” or “does this look good?” Too many people in this world are comfortable looking like trash everyday, and it’s up to those of us who have a good sense of fashion to help save others from their own incapabilities.

More often than not, I find that the hardest decision for people involves the colors they wear. Colors have a powerful effect on the way we act and the way the society sees us. They give off an energy that affects our emotions, confidence levels and our desires. So basically, if you want to be a bad bitch then you better dress like it.

RED is powerful and strong. It may suggest you could be impulsive and ambitious. It’s also the color of desire; some studies show that it makes others feel more attracted to you, and makes you, yourself, feel more attractive. You should wear red when you want to up your game on a date, or you’re going out for a night on the town- don’t wear it to an important work meeting.

The color of purity and positivity is WHITE. This color runs the risk of washing you out and also can hurt your level of attractiveness in the minds of others. White is also the color of innocence and virginity- wear it when you’re going for an air of innocence.

On Wed We Wear PinkPINK is plain and simple. If you’re a man, others respect you more having the balls to wear this color. If you’re a woman, wear this to meet your boyfriend’s parents. That is all.

YELLOW is a happy color! It can boost your happiness and help the moods of those around you. This color tells the people around you that you are fun, interesting, active and lively. Wear any day you need a pick-me-up.

PURPLE has two sides to it- a lighter shade will tell people you are sensitive and compassionate, and a deeper purple will show you are intuitive and have strong feelings. Wearing the color purple can help with confidence levels, and helps creativity and critical thinking. Wear this when you need to get the BIG idea at work or in school.

Success is generally associated with the color BLUE. It’s the color of both the sky and water which represent loyalty and authority- this is great for you! It helps you work creatively, and shows others you are trustworthy. Navy is a color that shows friendliness and power. Wear this color to ACE the job interview of your dreams!

GREEN gives off a peaceful and cautious energy. If you wear it correctly it can increase your positive feelings, but if it’s worn wrong then you might look sickly. Because the color green is regularly associated with nature, it is a refreshing and soothing color. Wear it if you are feeling stressed and need to calm down.

Own too much blackI LOVE BLACK! Many like to wear BLACK because it’s slimming and it goes with everything, but it’s also the color of mourning. When wearing black, a person can come across as strong-willed and disciplined but they might also seem too independent and inflexible. Wear this color when you’re standing up for something or someone, or need to put your foot down. Or just feel like a bad-ass, wear it any time you want.

ORANGE is both bold and optimistic. Shades of orange motivate and energize, and increases spontaneity. Wearing this color suggests to others that you are competent and independent, and sometimes impatient (due to the increased spontaneity). Wear this color whenever you’re in a team leader position or are working with children.


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