How To Be More Stylish: getting out of your wardrobe rut

nothingtowearDo you feel like you have terrible taste in fashion? Do you have a bland closet in desperate need of a make over? You’re not alone, don’t worry- there are many people in this world who have need of a fashion guru. The biggest problem with people who have a bad sense of style is that they have the power to fix it. It isn’t hard to revamp your look, and I have a few great tips for doing just that.

1. Clean out your closet: This should be the obvious first step. We all have that section in the back of our closet with clothes we bought because we liked them, but never wear them. They stay in the back because they are usually items that would amp up your usual “comfortable style.”

2. Wear something outside your comfort zone: For me, it was a red blazer that I didn’t wear because it was too scary. One day I finally got up the courage to wear it to a party and everyone commented on how great it was- I felt fabulous. Everyone has that article of clothing that we have seen in the store window but don’t feel like we are good enough to wear it. Ignore those insecurities because you are only as good as you believe you are.

Toilet Store Clothes3. Get rid of your safety net: You will never get out of your fashion rut until you get rid of that article of clothing that is your go-to. It’s that shirt, a pair of pants, skirt, etc., that you wear constantly because it makes you feel safe. What you don’t realize is that it doesn’t make you look good, it makes you look ALMOST OKAY. You’ve probably worn it for several years. Eww, gross- get rid of it. You have the potential to look fabulous if you don’t cling to the past.

4. Try out a new accessory that isn’t a bag or shoes: Bags and shoes are always a statement piece, but everyone has them- so what is going to make you stand out? A new watch, gaudy headphones, a piece of jewelry, a scarf or hat can go a long way. Make a statement with your whole outfit, not just traditional accessories.

5. Buy a crazy pair of shoes: Shoes are one of the best parts of shopping. They always fit, you don’t have to go into an ugly dressing room to see how they look, they will recharge any outfit, and, they are fabulous. Go ahead and buy that unique pair of shoes you pinned last month and have been eyeing ever since- you’ll be surprised at how inspired you’ll  be by your new addition to your closet.

6. Go people watching: Not in the creepy way. Go sit in some trendy coffee shop, a nice restaurant, a bench in a mall- anywhere that you think you’ll get inspiration for a new outfit or theme in your closet. It sounds simple- and it is- it also works every time.

Carrie Bradshaw Closet

7. Try a new pair of sunglasses: Everyone looks cooler with sunglasses on. It’s just a fact. An outfit without sunglasses is like Zac Efron with a shirt. Yes, OK, everything looks very nice the way it is, but … imagine the possibilities if you were to just add (in Zac’s case, subtract) one little thing. It’s just a whole other level of perfection.

8. Switch things up: And I mean that quite literally. When you’re about to leave the house in your favorite T-Shirt and statement accessory, stop for a second and switch one thing about what you’re wearing. Yeah, it’s a great look. But trying a different necklace, scarf or hat forces yourself to move out of your comfort zone. Come on, people- ‘new’ is chic and fabulous.


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