Signs You Are “So Over” This Semester

1. You no longer read any of your class material, and the term “assigned reading” is the biggest joke you’ve ever heard.

bey laughing

2. You have already calculated your final GPA based on the future assignments you are willing to do.


3. You come home grocery shopping with more alcohol than you do anything else.


4. Netflix has become the love of your life and the number one priority.

netflix love

5. Every morning you are faced with the decision to shower before class or to sleep in… You obvi sleep in.


6. School work becomes impossible to complete because you’d rather sit on the couch and do nothing.


7. You wonder if people actually get caught for plagiarism and debate whether or not you should try it.

Don't know

8. Coffee can’t even help you anymore.


9. Your bedroom reflects your life- it’s a hot mess.

life mess

10. Everyone and everything stresses the shit out of you.

stressing me out

11. The money in your bank account… it’s pitiful…


12. Drinking by yourself sounds more appealing than ever before.

my self

13. You question your sanity on a daily basis.


14. Your own happiness seems elusive.


15. You often wonder how much it would have cost for you to pay a nerd to take the class for you at the beginning of the semester.


16. You have created collaborative group text dedicated to planning for brunch instead of going to class.


17. And when a friend bails on brunch to go to class, you’re like:

rooting for you

18. People who are still trying to do well in school really piss you off.



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