“I woke up like this, flawless” – Beyonce

I have a serious problem. It isn’t curable and it is not something that will pass with time. It’s not a trend, movement or something society taught me from a young age. It is something that is a part of who I am, and I’ve come to terms with it. I’ve learned to accept it as a part of me. I like nice things.

I don’t only like nice things, I like nice and expensive things. As a college student, I’ve had to learn how to live a lifestyle that is usually outside of my price range. I’m not one of those college students who’s parents pay for everything (or even part of everything)- I’m fully independent. How then, you may ask, do I afford to dress like I have money to burn, go out like I have deep pockets, or travel like I have unlimited airline miles. This blog is my way of sharing the lessons I’ve learned about living a lavish lifestyle on a college budget. Don’t worry, it’s not too hard to do, and it is so much fun to do.

If you are suffering from “expensive-lifestyle-syndrome” (ELS), then follow my blog and discover what your life could be missing.


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